Stonework and External Insulation

We are often asked about having stonework on new build homes which will also have external insulation. Here are some common questions and answers.


I plan to add external insulation on my home. Can I add stone cladding over the insulation?

Yes, ThinStone can be securely fitted directly over external insulation. We have developed a standard installation process which is well proven and works well. 

This process involves installing a sheet of galvanised steel mesh over the external cladding, fixing that mesh through to the solid wall structure and then fitting the stone cladding on top of  that steel mesh.

Download the installation data-sheet here

Important Note: This applies to external insulation with a max thickness of 4 5/8″ (115mm). If the insulation thickness is more than 115 mm then it becomes a more custom project and your engineer/architect needs to advise and confirm on the fixing method to be used.

Is ThinStone natural stone or manufactured stone?

ThinStone is 100% natural stone that’s been cut to a thickness of one inch (25 mm). It is a real quarried stone and not a made up copy.

What is the thickness of the stone cladding layer that covers the external insulation?

With the wire mesh, adhesive and stone, the overall thickness added to the external insulation will be about 1 1/4″ (31 mm).

Is it difficult to add the stone cladding?

No, it’s not difficult at all. We have developed a secure and proven process that  is pretty straightforward.

Will adding stone cladding have any impact on the footprint of my roof or foundations ?

No, there will not be any extra area needed or design changes required in order to have the option of stone cladding.

Will stone cladding have an impact on the energy rating of my home?

No, there will be no change in the energy rating value.

Are there any other advantages/disadvantages to applying ThinStone over external insulation?

There are no disadvantages to installing ThinStone over external insulation. The main advantage is that with so many homeowners now choosing external insulation, this system allows them to have the best of both worlds and incorporate natural stone into the design of their home.


We have been fitting stone to Irish homes for over 14 years now and were the first company to introduce natural ThinStone cladding to Ireland.

If your question is not answered above ,please do feel free to Contact Us for advice about your specific project.

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