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Thinstone on New Builds

For new builds, ThinStone has many advantages over building stone in terms of both cost and flexibility. ThinStone reduces the overall cost and makes your building project simpler and faster as well as adding a whole new look to your home.


Cost savings: The stonework for a new build is generally about 15% to 20 % lower with ThinStone. (These result from the savings in not having to build in structural supports like lintels over all the windows and doors and in avoiding the wider foundations needed to support the heavy weight of building stone. There are also the savings on the labour to build the stonework).

Easier & Faster: Thinstone is easier and faster to build and avoids the delays and issues on the design and delivery of the supports ( RSJ’s and lintels). These delays and problems seem to nearly always occur in working with standard building stone.

Versatility: ThinStone will also work easily when your house design includes stonework over corner windows in the kitchen or family room or over bay windows or wide patio doors. Using building stone in those situations is very difficult

Sunlight: With ThinStone you will get more sunlight in to your rooms.

Easy to work with: Because ThinStone is easy to work with the overall building project is simplified and gets completed more quickly and with far less problems.


Recommendation: If you are considering using ThinStone, please e-mail us your plans as early as possible as using ThinStone may often change and simplify some of the design details and dimensions.

What is Thinstone?

Here at our stone-yard in Westport we cut away the face from each piece of heavy stone to make ThinStone.

This is 100% natural stone, but now with a thickness of only one inch.This can then be fixed on directly to the wall like a heavy tile.

This direct fixing method and the lower weight gives ThinStone many advantages and cost savings as against using heavy building stone with eight inch thickness.


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