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About ThinStone

Give your home new life with the beauty of natural stone. ThinStone is 100% real stone. Here in Westport, Co Mayo, we cut down the big pieces of stone to a one inch thickness to make ThinStone.

It is thus much lighter in weight than full size building stone, and so it can be fixed directly on to the wall structure. This simplifies the whole building process. ThinStone is also maintenance free and will last a life-time

Choose Thinstone

Because ThinStone does not need a foundation or structural supports over windows and doors, it will make your building or renovation project much more straightforward. Thin- Stone will give you a saving of 15% to 20% as against using the heavier weight, much more bulky, building stone.

Also, your project will be completed more quickly and on schedule. Because, of its lesser thickness around windows, ThinStone will let much more sunlight in to your rooms and keep your home nice and bright. As well as for new builds, extensions and housefronts, ThinStone is also a perfect solution for stone fireplaces, porches and boundary walls.

Save on Cost & Time

With ThinStone, you can have the beauty and authenticity of natural stone for your home at a much more affordable cost. We sell and supply and fit ThinStone all over Ireland.

Call us now for some sound advice on your renovation or new build project.

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