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Your Dream Home is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 with Thinstone Ireland


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Our team will advise you on the seven different stones we offer.

Those are Creggaun, Derryclare, Kilkenny, Glenmore, Benbrack, Carraig and Donegal Sandstone

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Just take a shot of your housefront, your porch, your sunroom or wall and e-mail that to us.

If it is a new build, or an extension, please e-mail your plans.

We do the job!


We deliver your stone and our stonemasons come and carry out your stonework.

Our stonemasons are true craftsmen and take great pride in their work.

What is Thinstone?

Here at our stone-yard in Westport we cut away the face from each piece of heavy stone to make ThinStone.

This is 100% natural stone, but now with a thickness of only one inch.This can then be fixed on directly to the wall like a heavy tile.

This direct fixing method and the lower weight gives ThinStone many advantages and cost savings as against using heavy building stone with eight inch thickness.

Housefront Stone Gallery

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The benefits of installing Thinstone


Thinstone for Housefronts

Stone with its natural surfaces and colour variations somehow beds your home more fully in to the surrounding landscape and gives it a sense of really belonging.

One of the great advantages of ThinStone is that is ideal for retrofitting to existing homes. Regular building stone has a thickness of eight inches and will not fit under the eaves of most roofs. Building stone will also need lintels over all windows and doors to support the weight of the stone.

Thinstone on the other hand, with a thickness of only one inch, fixes on directly like a heavy tile and fits easily under eaves and around windows without any costly and bulky support lintels being needed. Working with ThinStone simplifies your building project greatly and saves you on both cost and time. It’s light, easy to use, 100% stone and just makes good sense. Check out some of our projects below.

Advantages of Thinstone

  1. ThinStone is 100% natural stone, (not a copy made from cement)
  2. Far less costly than building stone because of the lesser thickness and
    lower weight
  3. Lets in more sunlight to your rooms
  4. An easy simple solution for existing homes as the roof overhangs will not generally allow for using full thickness building stone
  5. On new builds …simplifies the build details and support issues
  6. A neat and tidy way to carry out your stonework project
  7. Maintenance free for a lifetime
  8. Stonework is completed in less time and on schedule

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