It is not difficult to work out an estimate of the cost of your stonework project.

This can be very useful when you are considering various options and not sure which areas will be best for the stonework.

The general approach is to estimate the total walls area and then deduct the total area of the windows and doors.

Total area is W1x H1
Door area is W2 xH2
Window area W3xH3

Gable Area is ½( W4xH4)

Gable walls are calculated by taking 1⁄2 of the gable width by the gable height.

As well as the areas for stonework , the quantity of corners needed will also be needed. Corners are measured in Height in linear metre. See the image below

Some useful tips:

A measuring tape with 5 metres in length is best…measure in metres and to one decimal place

It’s great to have a second person to help and record the measurements

If windows are on the second floor, those ones can be measured from INSIDE ( Don’t go climbing up on ladders ! )

Gable walls….the height of the gable is usually just estimated by eye ( so it may be 1⁄2 of the height to the eaves for example, or 1/3 for a two story home )

If you wish you can print this Measure sheet (to be designed) sheet LINK and record the measurements and then calculate the areas and corners needed OR feel free to give us a call.

Please Note:

This calculator tool gives a rough estimate only. Some assumptions are made in terms of stone type, size of project and location etc.

Please e-mail your plans/photos or measurements to us at [email protected] and we will arrange a stonemason to visit and give a detailed quotation for the work.